About Us

At Paradise Puppies, we believe the hardest part of getting a new pup should be choosing just one. We’re committed to making the rest of the process simple and easy. We work exclusively with reputable breeders and families with unexpected litters across eastern Canada to match dog lovers in the GTA with the perfect puppy companion.

Where We Operate

We partner with breeders from across Eastern Canada

A family business, Paradise Puppies was born out of the joy we experienced in bringing our beloved Shih-Poo, Mika, home. After hours of searching online and a six-hour drive to meet her, Mika completed our family, brightening our lives with her contagious energy. Not satisfied to keep this happiness to ourselves, we created Paradise Puppies to help families find adorable healthy puppies in Toronto. We’ve since cared for more than 150 pups before placing them in loving homes in the GTA and across Ontario. Whether local to Toronto or miles away, we welcome anyone who understands the long term commitment of giving a puppy a forever home to visit us.

While we help families like yours skip the hassle of online searches and long out-of-town drives, we don’t cut corners. We are not breeders ourselves and are fiercely against backyard breeders and puppy mills. Instead, we work exclusively with families and breeders who meet the highest Paradise Standards. To ensure every puppy we purchase is housed, fed, and cared for in a clean and comfortable environment, we personally visit and inspect all our breeders first hand. As part of our Paradise Guarantee, we provide first shots, deworming and veterinary visits to make sure you take home a puppy that’s as healthy as it is adorable.

We Value Family

We know some families just aren’t complete without a puppy. We’ve made it our family business to help Toronto’s dog-lovers bring joy into their homes with puppies they can love for life.

We Value Ethical Treatment

The wellbeing of every puppy we place is our top priority. From our unrelenting stance against puppy mills and backyard breeders to our dedication to compassionate comprehensive care, we accept nothing short of the highest standard of ethical treatment. We call this the Paradise Guarantee.

We Value Integrity

We are committed to offering both our puppies and our customers the best experience possible. That’s why from the moment a puppy enters our care until it finds its forever home, we operate with transparency and integrity every step of the way.

The wellbeing of every puppy we place is our top priority

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