6 Reasons Why You Should Own A Puppy

Owning a dog in Toronto may seem like a bad idea, considering how much time, money, and energy one has to invest.

Small dogs for sale in Toronto can cost a pretty penny and the upkeep will add up. You have to walk them twice a day, watch their diet, exercise, train them, and pray they don’t chew up your furniture, designer shoes, or bark incessantly at your neighbor.

Most dogs will shed by the handful and stink up the joint, drink from the toilet, and eat their own barf.


Yet, they are still so cute!

Now that I’ve sufficiently scared you off of owning a dog for – well – ever, let’s go through some reasons why owning a puppy might also be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Cute dog

You will find that most reasons revolve around better health, lifestyle, and oodles of happiness. Puppies for sale in Toronto may cost quite a bit, but the money you will save by not spending on weight loss programs, a therapist, and social activities, it just might be all worth it.

Who knows you may even be saving at the end of the day.



If you’ve been trying to lose a couple of pounds or just think you may benefit from more regular exercise and perhaps some weight loss, getting a puppy might be a good decision for you. Generally you need to walk a dog twice a day, which pulls you out of the sedentary lifestyle at regular intervals and forces you to be more active. While your dog is still a puppy you will also want to play with it and run around fetching its toys and hiding your slippers. Some sources say that walking a dog five times a week will help you lose as much as 15 pounds over the course of the year and you can count on 40 minutes of moderate exercise per day.



Your social life will improve with a new puppy. While studies find that dog owners tend to be more extroverted regardless, the daily walks and having such a cutie on the leash will attract strangers and possibly help create long-lasting friendships. Owning a dog, especially a pure breed may lead to wanting to show your puppy nationally, you may also want to go to a specialty vet for a specific reason or something else may happen that is brand new and you’ve never thought of doing. You will also want to exchange stories, knowledge, and anecdotes with your newfound companions and before you know it friendships will blossom.


white small puppy



Being around adorable animals, happy children or anyone who is happy and full of life automatically reduces stress levels and increases serotonin and dopamine in the body. Animals in general I said to prolong lifespan, bring happiness to your daily life, and improve medical conditions. Studies, as well as anecdotal evidence point to improved conditions including lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, panic attacks, a feeling of general well-being et cetera, et cetera. Many articles point to the connection of dog ownership and improved heart health which may be connected to lower levels of stress. Studies show that a stress-reducing hormone called oxytocin is increased following an interaction with a dog. The animal is said to be able to tune to their owner’s emotional state and respond accordingly.



There is quite a bit of scientific evidence pointing to the fact that dogs stave off depression in their human owners. Your puppy will offer you unconditional love and support, which means they are not going to criticize you for the way you dress, smell or look. It also means they will snuggle up with you and stick around regardless of whether you’ve had a good or a bad day at work. They will also lift your mood as soon as you walk through the door. Your frustrations will melt away when you see the smiling face of your pooch and hear the excited squeals. What’s more, because you’ll receive this greeting everyday you will soon permanently have a more positive outlook on life. Just as really good TV shows and books can distract or pull you out of the mundane feeling you may get from a daily routine, so do dogs. Pets and puppies especially, also promote physical contact with their kisses and excitement. Studies show that stroking your pooch will activate parts of your brain that controls the emotional centre.


Brown and white puppy playing


Whether you are looking to buy a puppy for sale in Toronto for your family or for yourself, you can be certain that once you have the little cutie running around at home everyone around is likely to develop more empathy. You can teach your children, yourself or perhaps your spouse emotional intelligence through pet ownership. Studies show that emotional intelligence is the best indicator of how one will do in school, a career, or in life. Caring for a pet draws someone who is self absorbed to think outside of the box – that is themselves – and care for another being. Emotional empathy means having the ability to read non-verbal cues to determine the needs of others and fulfil them. Feeling the feelings of others and knowing when someone is uncomfortable is a lifelong skill that can help change behaviour in the long-term. The ability to be more nurturing can help in all areas of life.



This is the most obvious reason of all and the main motivation behind why people choose to get a puppy. Dogs are adorable, fun, energetic, lovable, and without knowing it, they are humans’ little therapists. It is no wonder dogs are considered to be a person’s best friend. They are loyal and a joy to be around. Many are also trained to help the disabled, like children with autism or the blind. Dogs are trained to protect homes and even sniff out narcotics, so there isn’t much the pooch cannot be trained to do.


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