What To Look For When Buying A Puppy?

When buying your future pet and perhaps a show dog it is very important to choose the right one. Some things that you need to consider include the quality of the breeder or store that has puppies for sale, the health of the puppy, and how their personality will mesh with yours.


When picking puppies for sale you want to choose the right breeder or store.  Ask your friends and family, google ‘puppies for sale Toronto’ or whatever location you reside in, and look up local news outlets, groups, and agencies that may help advise your decision. Owning a pet, especially a puppy, is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.

Consider traveling by car, train, or bus to find your loved one. If the breed you are looking for is unique enough, it may even be worth it to buy from a different country, province or state. Once you have settled exactly on the type of dog you want, making the decision on how far you should travel to get your loved one will be clear.

You should figure out whether you want to breed the dog and show it, show the dog and have it as a pet, or simply have an adorable pet. Factors like where you live, the size of your home, how meticulous you are, how cleanly  and organized you’d like your home to be, how expensive your furniture is, and how much you are willing to sacrifice. You should also think about how the pet may interact with other pets or children and elders that may be present in the house. Consider the amount of energy you are willing to put into your pet. Will you be able to take it for a walk everyday or twice a day? Also think about your work schedule and what you would do with the pet if you go on vacation. Find a good vet nearby. Once you’ve decided, figure out what your budget is and start researching puppies for sale Toronto and expand from there.



The best way to determine puppy health is by examining the puppies for sale in a store or breeder’s home.

Their eyes should be bright and clear, ears should be clean and free of discharge, redness or odour. The nose should be clean, without discharge or sores and the mouth should be fairly fresh. A puppy should not be underweight or overweight. The puppy’s coat will be shiny and clean if it is healthy. Also, research the particular breed you are interested in, this will help you determine specific potential health issues you should look out for.

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If you’ve purchased a puppy and there is still an option for return or exchange that you are willing to exercise you also need to watch out for signs to potential abnormalities after you bring the puppy home.

Watch for your pup’s bladder and bowel movements. Changes in the frequency and consistency of your puppy’s stool or urine outputs should be noted. Diarrhea is a common issue that can arise from bacteria, viruses, toxic substances, parasites, too much food or psychological upsets. If the stool is bloody or continues for over 24 hours calling for help is usually a smart choice. Any other abnormality should be reported to a veterinarian or a third party you trust – if you want to be sure that the health issues your pup is experiencing are not due to some genetic flaw or lack of due care by the store owner with puppies for sale or breeder.


It is an old myth that you should pick the pup that runs over to you first from the bunch. When picking out puppies for sale from a breeder or a store, the puppy that runs over to you is usually the most assertive and energetic of the group.

They may also be a bit of a bully.

You have to consider those personality traits when picking out the puppy and decide whether that’s the type of dog you would like to have. Consider your living situation also. Do you have a spacious home where the energetic puppy can run around? How valuable is your furniture to you? Will you or someone in your family have the time to take it for regular walks in order to keep its energy levels steady? Will you have the energy to keep up with the puppy and put in extra hours to train it? If your answer is a resounding yes to all of these questions then there is no doubt the bold little bugger is meant for you.

If not, move your gaze over to the gentler pups that wait politely in the back. Of course when it comes to picking out from puppies for sale you need to consider that the shy pups also have their issues. If these little cuties go as far as tucking their tail and shrinking away from you the shyness may be hardwired, which means there is a chance that they will snap defensively at you when startled, act withdrawn and unhappy, or become overly frightened without due reason. That’s not necessarily a reason to not pick the shy little guy. Perhaps you’re little shy yourself and you would prefer or find this type of pup endearing. In that case they just might be the perfect companion for you.

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There is a third type of pup who is friendly, curious, and trusting. These dynamos are considered the best type of puppy by breeders, educated sources, and store owners with puppies for sale. If you plan to show and breed dogs, these are probably the right choice for you.

Evaluate the puppy you like on its own – away from the litter. A puppy may change its behaviour depending on how they were being influenced by their buddies. An energetic puppy may calm down, a puppy dominated by others may act more confident on its own or a puppy may become more shy once not part of a team.

These tips should help you pick out the right pup for you and your family.

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