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Puppy Matchmaking

At Paradise Puppies, we know from experience that some families just aren’t complete without a dog. We created our Puppy Matchmaking Service to help families like yours find the puppy of your dreams. Anyone who is ready to experience this life-changing journey is invited to click the Request A Puppy button. Once you’re there, you can let us know the features and characteristics of the pup you’re looking for such as the breed (or mix), age, coat colour, gender and your budget. We will then do everything in our power to help you find them!

Breeding Standards

Dogs are intelligent creatures with personalities and emotions, just like us. They deserve to be treated with compassion, love and respect, just as you would treat your neighbour. We look for breeders that also view dogs in this way; as individuals. Their parent dogs live within their family and are treated as another member. They are allowed liberty and space to live their precious lives to the fullest, never constrained to a cage or small enclosure for any unreasonable amount of time. The breeder screens their dogs for any health issues or genetic defects that might be passed onto their offspring. The place is cleaned regularly, and the dogs are well socialized with no sign of mistreatment, or malnourishment. A reputable breeder should ultimately have nothing to hide regarding their breeding practices, and if they do, it immediately raises red flags. If both dogs are confirmed to be the real parents of the puppies, we interact with them for a lengthy amount of time to assess their health, temperament, and living conditions. There are multiple signs one can look for to deduce if they have been mistreated, neglected, or abused.

Our strict standards on dog care and breeding ethics allow us to create an environment of trust and peace of mind between us and our clients, and this is absolutely essential.

Puppy Travel

If you are not able to visit our home in Toronto, Canada to meet your new puppy and bring them home, there are other options. We only use the companies Air Canada and Westjet as we believe they are the golden standard for safe and comfortable pet travel. We will book a flight for your puppy to fly to your nearest airport, where you’ll be able to meet them and welcome your newest family member home! Before the flight is all set up, you’ll be able to see your pup for as long as you’d like by communicating with us via any video calling platform of your choosing. It would also allow us to get to know you first, which is very important to us before we rehome any of our pups. Remember, some select breeds and mixes are not eligible for solo flights of any length, whether it be within Canada or internationally. You can see if a puppy is eligible for flights by viewing their individual profile, which can be accessed from our Puppies For Sale page.

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Our Granny Service gives you the option of having a person beside your puppy in the cabin for the entire duration of the flight. They would ensure your puppy gets spoiled with attention and belly scratches while they’re travelling to meet you! If you’re interested in a puppy that is unable to travel by themselves due to the PC Pets restrictions of certain breeds or mixes, the only way they would be able to fly will be through our Granny Service.

Stop Puppy Mills

Due to the nature of our work, we have met all kinds of different breeders. Unfortunately, we have also met many people who claim to be “breeders” but are soon found to be selling puppies on behalf of a big puppy mill operation. A puppy mill is a facility where dogs are imprisoned in horrible conditions in order to be repeatedly bred for financial gain. These people have no care for the betterment of the breed or the wellbeing of their dogs and only care about making a profit. Puppy mills sell their puppies to pet stores or through online ads posted on sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.

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We know every trick in the book and we’re always prepared whenever visiting a breeder we’ve never met before. We report every puppy mill we encounter to the authorities and continue to follow up until they perform an investigation.  There is nothing else legally that we can do, unfortunately. It’s going to take a collective effort to shut these people down and the first major step is to stop supporting them. No matter where you’re located, please do your due diligence when visiting a breeder whose ad you found online, and always avoid pet stores and sites like Kijiji and Craigslist.

Dogs should never have to live their precious lives trapped inside small cages and subjected to abhorrent conditions. Our mission is to put an end to all puppy mills and we are absolutely convinced that it’s possible. But make no mistake, it won’t be easy and we need your help. We must all work together to make this a reality and the first major step is to stop supporting them outright. If you are interested in a particular puppy you found on the internet and are worried about potentially supporting one of these operations, you can contact us and we’ll provide you with some advice on what signs to look out for when you visit them. If you’re located in Canada, we’ll let you know if their information matches one in our records of known puppy mill vendors. If you happen to discover a puppy mill operation, please report them to your local authorities as soon as possible.

Puppies For Sale

Peace of mind when browsing the internet and searching for your new family member is very important. Worrying about potentially being scammed should never be part of this process. Our Puppies For Sale page was created to be a safe place where you can check in on pups and dogs that are looking for good homes. All posts on this page are from excellent breeders whom we have met personally, and this helps them as well by extending their online reach in hopes of finding the best home possible. You can have that peace of mind that these breeders have taken all necessary steps to ensure their pups are as healthy as they are adorable, and our comprehensive 2 Year Health Guarantee is included with every puppy. If you are interested in a pup or doggo that you see on this page and have a loving, caring and safe home to offer, we’d love to hear from you. Submit a Take Me Home Request, give us a call or send us a message. Who knows, it might be the beginning of something truly special!

We also use this page to post pictures of all the requests we have fulfilled. These posts will be distinguished from the others by being labeled as a “Requested Puppy”, and will include information about the pup, and a portrait of them with their beautiful new family.

Health Guarantee

The health and the wellbeing of your Paradise Puppy is our top priority. We are proud to offer our comprehensive 2 Year Health Guarantee with every single one of the puppies or adult dogs we rehome. We stand 100% behind the health of our pups and so our Paradise Health Guarantee covers the important first two years of your puppy’s life. Protection from genetic defects, parvovirus, among other health concerns are covered in our Guarantee.

24/7 Help

You can expect us to be by your side for 24/7 help once you’ve brought your puppy home. We will give you our personal contact information so that you can contact us whenever you need help or advice on what to do. We’d love to hear from you and how your newest addition is doing. One of the greatest joys we experience from our work is being able to see one of our puppies grow up and to see them loving life in their new home. Especially watching them grow from adorable puppies into beautiful adults before our very eyes. It’s simply breathtaking. With your permission, we can even post updates of them on our social media pages. There are others out there that would love to see how your puppy is doing!

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Adopt Before You Buy

At Paradise Puppies, we believe all dogs deserve a loving, forever home. Before submitting a request or choosing one of our pups to join your family, please consider visiting your local shelter first. You can save a life!